Experience in Landscape Architecture

Landscape design and planning searches for the optimum use of open space within the natural and socio-economic conditions. Landscape development includes the evaluation of vegetation, soil, climate, geology, landforms, and the people that will use the open space; the planning, implementation and project management. INDEX strives for aesthetic appeal and sustainability of landscapes.

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INDEX's experience in resource assessment and planning includes

(a) Natural Resource Evaluation which evaluates biophysical and social issues that will ultimately dictate land use potential, and

(b) Land use planning, where the components are integrated into viable and sustainable land use activities and which is optimally zoned in accordance with the natural environment.

(C) Preparation and facilitation of Act 70 of 1970 applications that would lead to re-zoning and subdivision of agricultural land. This includes mitigation measures and integrated land use planning.

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Experience in EcoToursim

INDEX has been involved in all levels of ecotourism development. This includes policy formulation; development of implementing strategies; identification of the tourism asset base; structuring marketing programmes; creating and conducting community awareness programmes; interacting with communities; establishing community institutional structures; creating operating business partnerships as well as detail planning of recreation facilities.

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Experience in Environmental Impact Assessment

INDEX has extensive experience in environmental planning, assessments, and works to the guidelines of the World Bank or of the appropriate legislation of the country in which the development takes place.

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