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About Us

INDEX was formed in 1992. The aim of the consultancy is to provide planning solutions for projects in the fields of agriculture, property developments, rural development and small scale mining. INDEX will integrate the experience of the various appointed expertise, within the Company, or appointed separately, to provide the best possible planning or management solutions. INDEX believes that joint planning and broadly accepted implementation strategies have become the essential ingredients of success in planning. The public now demands environmental and social responsible products where the use of natural resources are optimized and used sustainably. This applies to both the products that we use, such as food and clothing, and to land use developments. To this end, INDEX uses a 'people oriented' approach that levers the experience, expertise, insights and wisdom of experts and affected parties to create the best possible planning solutions.

INDEX has extensive practical experience in environmental planning and natural resource management in South Africa and the UAE. It has also done work in Mozambique, Botswana, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Tanzania and Kenya.

The structure of INDEX makes provision for a core group of expertise that manages each type of project. However, it also allows flexibility to appoint external support expertise when required. INDEX consists of Andries Gouws, Eugene Gouws and Marchelle Terblanche. Each manages one of the following core services provided by INDEX:

  • Rural Development and Land Use Planning
  • Environmental Services and Urban Planning
  • Social Assessment and Community Development