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The projects are developed, , through participative processes, sustainable land development for rural people and to assist in compiling and implementing development proposals. For these projects to succeed, INDEX will use the following mechanisms:

Participative assessment and needs prioritisation, natural resource assessment, agricultural planning, planning & commercialisation of eco-tourism, rural water supply & sanitation, SMME development and formation of legal and management structures;

Training courses that can equip people to gainfully participate in planning and implementation of projects. Courses are, among others, management of development, financial management, compiling business plans, basic farm operations, resolution of conflict and environmental management;

In the development of projects, environmental issues frequently dictate development. Environmental Impact Assessment and management plans will be compiled and submitted to the various Government Agencies to comply with environmental legislation, where necessary, so that development may proceed.

Projects completed by INDEX include:

  • Restitution of 750 families of the Dinkwanyane people to Boomplaats. This project encompassed a resource assessment and needs analysis through which a detailed settlement plan was compiled. The people have already moved onto the farm.

  • Restitution of the farm Leidenburg to the Alverton People. Approximately 500 people were restored to Leidenburg, a farm from which they were forcibly removed in 1964. INDEX's role was to assist the Alverton leadership to comply with the requirement of the Minister to make restoration possible.

  • Restitution of the farm Doornkop, near Middelburg, to 500 beneficiaries.

  • Assisting 241 beneficiaries with a LRAD application to acquire Ptn 5 of the farm Doornkop and the Remainder of Hartbeesfontein near Middelburg. INDEX did the resource assessment and planning, compiled the business plan, provided training and assisted the community with implementation to farm their land.

  • A share equity project was formed at Belfast for the Troutmere Farming Trust. The community consisted of 34 people, of which 14 have labour tenant rights. The group farmed with game and cattle.