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Successful project implementation has as primary requirement that the receiving community must participate in the full project cycle, from planning to implementation, and where technical and management skill are lacking, training should be provided.

INDEX has successfully planned and implemented numerous projects, ranging from farming ventures, landscaping, hydroponic farming, game ranching and the planning and installation of farming infrastructure.

Some of the projects are the following:

  • Design, planning and erection of a game fence for Troutmere Farming, which is an integrated timber, game and cattle ranch of 850 hectares, with fences in access of 13 kilometres.

  • Design and planning of infrastructure for the Nguni - Buffalo Ranch as well as different nut and berry crops under irrigation at Westonaria. The project is part of a Municipal Commonage for some 18000 people that reside at Bekkersdal in the western part of Gauteng. The infrastructure created include an electrified game fence, livestock watering facilities, cattle handling facilities, buildings for administration and irrigation infrastructure that would be used for the production of fodder and cash crops.

  • Design, implementation and management of various small business projects for Local Government.

  • Implementation of business plans for farming ventures which include hydroponic farming, vegetable production, fruit and pineapple production, chicken production, game and livestock.