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INDEX's experience in resource assessment and planning includes

(a) Natural Resource Evaluation which evaluates biophysical and social issues that will ultimately dictate land use potential, and

(b) Land use planning, where the components are integrated into viable and sustainable land use activities and which is optimally zoned in accordance with the natural environment.

(C) Preparation and facilitation of Act 70 of 1970 applications that would lead to re-zoning and subdivision of agricultural land. This includes mitigation measures and integrated land use planning.

Completed projects include:

  • Kungwini West Strategic Environmental Assessment for GDACE, which aim was to provide an environmental framework that will support decision-making in order to ensure sustainable development.

  • State of the Environment Report and development guidelines for the next 15 years for the Southern District of Botswana for the Botswana Department of Housing.

  • Land management proposal for Valpré Bottling Plant, which aimed at setting management guidelines to ensure constant quality and mineral content from springs by manipulating land use.

  • Quantifying the impact of salinisation of South Africa's water resources, with special reference to economic effects. This study evaluated irrigated agriculture is a major activity along the Middle Vaal River and used salinisation as an indicator in mathematical models to predict the economic impact of agricultural enterprises.

  • In-flow water requirements of the Olifants River. Rural communities are very dependent on water from the major rivers for their economic, social and cultural livelihood. This study had to quantify and prioritise social uses such as household use, cultural uses, fishing, livestock watering, etc and to predict how these would be changed should water quantity and quality change.

  • A strategy for land reform and housing for Metsweding, which includes the potential op portunities of disadvantaged communities to become involved in the tourism potential of Dinokeng through the various government policies such as LRAD, Land Restitution, Town Commonages, etc.